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The Absolute Sound February 2007 Issue 169

Crossover-less, Single-Driver Speaker

Robert Harley - Editor


A small but passionate company called Stereo Dave's Audio Alternative demonstrated their crossover-less, single-driver Creation 650 loudspeaker. The 6.5" driver is mounted in a deep enclosure with an 8"-square baffle. The $2300-per-pair Creation 650 can be mated to the company's Genesis 12 subwoofer ($895) for extended bass response.

The sound I heard from the Stereo Dave's systems was amazingly immediate, direct, and communicative--probably the result of getting the crossover out of the signal path. In addition, the speakers completely disappeared into the soundstage, which was rich with spatial cues. Top-end extension and dynamics were surprisingly good for a single-driver system.

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