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Excerpts From a Review From Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity of our Creation 650D Reference Speakers

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Stereo Dave's Creation 650 Reference Speakers and Genesis Subwoofer
A Secrets Speaker and Subwoofer Review
Written by Rick Schmidt
Thursday, 09 October 2008

The Finish
“The 5 step finish process has been a special focus lately at Stereo Dave’s….It was worth the wait, the finish is amazing….Completely gorgeous and better than black lacquer”

The Sound
“There’s just a simplicity and rightness to it that is undeniable and not like what you’ll hear from other speakers.”
“When I first heard them at Stereo Dave’s I played my standard ‘Teardrop’ by Massive Attack. Elizabeth Frasier sounded as real as I’ve ever heard and the prominent rim shot on that track sounded more life like than I’ve ever heard on any speaker.”
“ ‘Remember the Fiery Furnaces’ is a sprawling 3 LP set of live recordings of this talented band. Through the 650’s it sounded like a live recording and great.”
“I can tell you that the treble parts, such as cymbals, were always there and same as the midrange, they had a ‘right’ quality – like this is how it was meant to sound.”
“No crossover, no artifacts. I kept finding myself wanting to listen to another record (even CD’s) with the Creation 650’s and I think you would too. The sense of ‘just sounding right’, that I wrote about above, is huge. What I noticed with the 650’s was the music and they left me wanting more. These speakers know how to get out of the way like few others do.”

On CD Clarity
“Stereo Dave’s provided me a bottle of CD Clarity to go along with this review. You spray a small amount on CD’s or DVD’s to reduce static charge and thereby improve sound and visuals, respectively. I can vouch for the former but not that latter. I didn’t see a difference with DVDs but I definitely heard a difference with CDs. I didn’t want to but I did. The difference is some of that ‘blacker background’ thing that you get with a lot of tweaks but also more detail and nuanced sounds. If there was a breathiness to a vocal, for example, it seemed like I missed it before applying the CD Clarity.”

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