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Newsletter Issue No.6

New 30% Commission Program for Customer Referrals
Blu-ray Reviews
Long-Awaited New Speaker Models
New Reviews from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity and The Absolute Sound
Item Sales and Clearance models

For 25 years, the Audio Alternative was a gathering place where audiophiles and newcomers alike would go to hear great sound and have a chat with the owner, “Stereo Dave” Herren. Stereo Dave was well known as a true innovator in the industry. He developed CD Clarity, the unique CD and DVD cleaner and enhancer, along with other products such as the CD Clarity Pen, or as many of you remember it as, the “green marking pen,” which would tighten up the bass and allow the laser in DVD and CD players to read more correctly with less refraction. He modified components, causing them to exceed the fidelity of units costing literally thousands more in price. Dave developed his own custom made interconnects and created an entire line of single-driver speakers.

Despite all of these innovations, Stereo Dave will always be remembered most for who he was as a person. His genuine, friendly and unassuming personality touched many who either chatted with him at his store on Canyon Road or knew of him from his many other interests and hobbies. He was an avid automobile restorer and a gifted landscaper, designing and constructing Japanese landscapes, ponds and waterfalls. With his unfortunate and very unexpected death on December 11, 2003, we lost a very special, one of a kind individual who will be sorely missed.

The Dream Goes On

Stereo Dave’s vision in audio was to be able to make high-end sound accessible as many people as possible. He deeply resented the fact that many in the audio industry were concentrating exclusively on making products for only “the privileged few” who could afford such inflated prices; and even these highly expensive products were often falling very short of the mark in relation to their actual fidelity. In his estimation, the vast majority of audio equipment produced today is “high priced junk.” He strived to modify simple, yet clean machines and develop his own single-driver speakers to accomplish his goal of making this kind of sound available. The cost of one of his premier systems often was equivalent to buying one “high-end” component of the typical retail establishments.

We are proud to say that this dream will live on. After months of research, development, and countless hours of testing, the Herren family, former employees and Friends of Dave are now able to offer this same level of fidelity and beyond.


Keeping with Dave’s philosophy of modifying simpler electronic pieces to out perform much more expensive pieces of equipment, we have developed an improved proprietary modification that has been heard by various former customers, employees and friends of Dave and has been found to be not only equivalent, but actually surpass the modifications that Dave had previously pioneered. These modifications continue to be improved upon.
Retail price:$300

New 30% Commission for Customer Referrals

Customers can now earn easy cash by referring friends or aquaintances who want affordable, yet extraordinary quality speakers, subwoofers, and modifications. Dave actually had some customers who got a substantial amount off of modifications and speakers by simply the referrals he had received from them. Basically, the customer receives 30% of what your friend pays for speakers, subwoofers, or modifications. It's a quick, easy way to make a decent amount of money or earn money for your own speakers and modifications.

Blu-ray Player Reviews

Tested Players:
Pioneer Blu-ray Players BDP-51FD, BDP-05FD
Sony Blu-ray Players S-500, S-550
Samsung Blu-ray Player BD-p2500

After testing out and modifying a number of blu-ray players ranging from $400-$800, we were very impressed with the video of the players (particularly the Samsung player with certain settings), but overall were very disappointed with the sound quality. The sound on these players is either thin and bright or dull on the top end and none of the players really had any decent low frequency response. The players also lacked any sort of transparency. For the time being, we will have to recommend for the best sound to buy the Pioneer Elite upsampling players (DV-48AV/ 49AV currently) and have those modified.

Long-Awaited New Creation Series Speakers

New Cabinet Material

Utilizing an extremely fast 6.5 inch modified single driver we achieve excellent transient response and imaging, while capturing a fuller midrange and mid-base sound than earlier 5.25 inch predecessors. Single-cone technology allows for wider dispersion and stage width than previous dual-cone predecessors were capable of. This crossoverless driver creates a large musical presentation and picture, while retaining superb spatial location and clarity. All models now made with lighter, but even more acoustically non-resonant recycled natural composite. Previously, we relied upon an extremely dense (and very heavy), non-resonant, imported mineral composite to give our reference speakers a very quick and powerful, yet musical sound. For two years we have searched for a material and finish that would achieve this same level of transparency and power, but be lighter to ship, as well as more pleasing to the eye. We are happy to announce that our search is over. In fact, the new material has better acoustical qualities than our previous very heavy mineral composite. The new cabinet material is a lighter, but extremely acoustically non-resonant. It gives the speakers an even more life-like, transparent quality, while having better mid-bass response and presence. The highs extend further, therefore giving better location, clarity, and more "air" and space to the sound.We sell three models of speakers:

Creation 650D Reference

Manufactured with the same unique design and technology, the Creation 650D Speakers bring the same musical experience to a new level. The natural special composite cabinet enhances the already innate transparency, clarity and depth of the speaker, possessing superior sound qualities in comparison with standard natural woods and MDF cabinets. We have also found the finish, in terms of type of material used to finish the material and layers / smoothness has an effect on the sound. They are finished with a very deep, piano black finish with color shifting metal flakes that turn shades of violet, blue, red, and sometimes gold. Depending upon the lighting situation and where you are you will also see shades of deep black / midnight blue as the metal flakes reflect off the surface of speaker. Because of the nature of the cabinet / finish combination, transient response is improved, along with bass response, and depth of the soundfield. The speakers have superior extension, location, and clarity compared to our previous reference speakers. This superior cabinet design results in a powerful, life-like musical presentation. The Creation 650D Speakers surpasses in musical performance speakers costing many times more.
Dimensions: 12 X 8 X 8 in
Special price: $1995 pr

Creation 650K

The Speaker cabinet is comprised of a very acoustically non-resonant, natural composite. This uniquely designed and manufactured speaker combines a warm smooth richness with clarity, definition, and dynamic power. These speakers are coated with a deep piano black finish reminiscent of the old JBL XPL series. The Creation 650K Speakers outperform speakers in much higher price ranges.
Special price: $1295 pr

Creation 650T

Manufactured with the same non-resonant composite as the Creation650K Speakers, these speakers are coated with a dark attractive, special non-resonant textured black finish. Offering better midrange and mid-bass than the previous 5.25” single driver generation that Dave created, these speakers are excellent musically and perfect for home theaters, making wonderful front and surround speakers.
Dimensions: 12 X 8.5 X 8.5 in
Special price: $895 pr

New Subwoofers

While the new speakers are much more subwoofer independent than previous generations, they do benefit from the addition of a subwoofer, especially in movies. We have found though, that by place speakers in the corners or a room, you will get a surprising amount of bass from the speakers alone, but I still believe they are better with a subwoofer. Our downward firing 12” subwoofers with outboard amplifiers are very quick and transparent.

We offer three different models to choose from:

Genesis 12B Subwoofer

This is a subwoofer Stereo Dave designed. A quick, musical subwoofer, this is an excellent subwoofer for the price. It is single wall construction and made with the same special non-resonant composite that we use in the speakers. It is a cloth covered box with a deep piano black gloss top.
Special price: $895

Genesis 12J Subwoofer

Made of the same dense, non-resonant composite that we use in our speakers, this subwoofer produces tight, detailed bass with even less resonance than it's predecessor. The new cabinet material actually improved bass depth and accuracy over the previous subwoofers. It is double layered around the sides, further reducing the cabinet resonance, adding to the accuracy, transparency, and tightness of the bass. The top is coated in the same deep piano black finish as the Creation 650K Speakers, making this a very desirable piece.
Special price: $995


Our most economical cables are the Neon Green interconnects, though they offer performance normally associated with cables a good deal more expensive.

At the highest level, we have also developed a conceptually new interconnect which, due to utilization of the improved proprietary modifcation, not only has a stunning new level of performance, with transparent clarity, but also is characterized by a richer deeper bass response than the Cobra Cables possessed. Because of its uniquely simplified design, we are able to offer this amazing cable for a substantially reduced price ($150.00 per pair). We recently ran across a superior 75 ohm RCA end that is cleaner, and adds more top and bottom and end extension. Now premium performance cables are truly affordable - which is in line with Dave's philosophy of making truly premium quality audio more accessible to to more people.

CD Clarity

Over the past year we have been receiving many requests for Dave’s proprietary audio and video enhancing spray, CD Clarity. We are happy to say that the Herren family has not only been able to keep this remarkable product in production, but has been able to improve the formula. This spray not only fills in pits and scratches in the surface, but dispels built up static electricity on the polycarbonate disc resulting in better spatial location, immediacy, naturalness, and clarity of the music. Many CDs and DVDs that no longer played or skipped will play once more. Video quality also improves. Colors become more vivid and detail and depth improves.
Retail price: $11.99 (2 oz bottle)

We were privileged to have known Dave for the person that he was, and for his innovative ideas and concepts in audio, that he freely shared with as many people as could. We are honored to continue his work and philosophy of making high-end audio fidelity accessible to more than just a select few.

An Invitation

Stereo Dave's Portland store on Canyon Road has closed. We are now selling these latest custom manufactured single driver speakers, subwoofers, and modified components from our new soundroom in Gresham, Oregon and online. We invite Dave's old customers and newcomers to visit us online or at our Gresham location. We have recently made tremendous to our speakers and subwoofers. We will also be experimenting with modifying a new Blu-ray player in the next couple weeks. Feel free to call and ask about any of our products and accessories or set up an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,


Donita Herren
Andrew Herren
Sean Scoggin

Stereo Dave’s Audio Alternative, LLC
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Free In-Home Demos Available on Request

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2007 Update

The year before last we exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver, CO. We set up a stereo / surround system and gained many good contacts. Unbeknownst to us, after the show, Mr. Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound had given us some very positive comments in his limited section of systems at the show.

New Review of our Creation 650D Speakers

Read our review from Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, by Rick Schmidt. This one of the most trusted and visited online review websites, which for years has been producing DVD benchmark tests.

Creation 650D Speaker Review

Item Sales and Clearance Models

See our sales page for some of our current sales and clearance models. Newsletter Photos

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